Sari Village Ukhimath, Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand (Delhi to Sari village)

Sari Village is well known for Deoria Tal trekking. The trekking route of Deoria tal starts from Saari Village which is located in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. This village serves as a base camp for Deoriatal trekkers. The environment and weather of Sari Village remain very pleasant throughout the year.

There are approx 130 houses in this village and the population of this village is approx 750. There are also few hotels in this village for homestay. A beautiful Omkar Ratneshwar Mahadev Temple is also located on the upper side of the village.

How to reach Sari Village

Sari Village is located in near Ukhimath in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand, India. This village is located in remote an can be accessible by roar only. The nearest airport from Saari village is Jollygrant airport in 206 km and the nearest railway station is Rishikesh railway station 188 km.

Delhi to Sari Village

Delhi to Saari village distance is 422 km. Flight and train are available from Delhi to Rishikesh or Dehradun, from there the visitors can hire a cab to reach Saari Village. If you are traveling by your own vehicle then the way to Saari Village is – Dehli – Meeruth -Mujaffarnagar – Roorkee – Haridwar – Rishikesh – Devprayag – Srinagar – Rudraprayag – Agastmuni – Ukhimath – Saari Village

Haridwar to Sari Village distance – 216 km

The bus is available from Haridwar bus station to Rudraprayag. From Rudraprayag, the visitors n reach Saari village by local taxi.

Rishikesh to Sari Village Distance – 191 km

The visitors can take the bus from Rishikesh bus stip to Rudraprayag. The visitors can also hire a cab to reach directly Saari Village from Rishikesh. 

Dehradun to Sari Village Distance – 233 km

The visitor can take the bus from ISBT Dehradun to Rudraprayag. Taxi is also available from Rispana taxi station Dehradun to Rudraprayag. 

Rudraprayag to Sari Village – 52 km

The visitors can hire a cab from Rudraprayag to Sari village or they can travel by local transport (Shared taxi).

Ukhimath to Sari village distance – 12 km

The visitors can take local transport to reach Saari village from Ukhimath.

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