Khait Parvat Temple Trek Tehri Garhwal Uttarakhand

Khait Parvat is located in Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand state of India. It is said that the fairies reside in this mountain. There is a temple situated on this mountain which is known as Khaitkhal Temple or Bharadi Devi Temple or Khait Temple. The height of Khait Parvat is 3000 meter above from sea level.

It is believed that there are nine fairies resides on top of this mountain, local residents call them Van Devi. Many tourists also claim that they have seen Van Devi here. The local people call it fairyland (Pariyon ka Parvat). A grand fair is organized here in May-June every year. Mostly garlic cultivation and walnut gardens are found in this place.

During this Khat Parvat trek, this place offers a beautiful view of the Bhilangana valley. Bandarpunch, Gangotri, Swargarohini, Yamunotri, Satopanth, Trishul, Chaukhamba, Hathi Parvat, Khatling can be seen from the top of this mountain.

Things to keep in mind

  • Any work against nature is forbidden.
  • Screaming is not allowed.
  • Singing is not allowed
  • It is forbidden to wear bright clothes.

Khait Parvat History

According to the villagers, there were seven wives of Asha Raut of Chaundana village. He had no children from these 7 wives and his concern was constant persecution. He got married again from a Thaat village situated a few miles away from Chaundana Village. Now he has nine daughters. According to folk songs, these girls were very beautiful and learned to walk in just 6 days. From childhood, the girls started demanding jewelry from her father.

According to folk songs (Jagar), when a Mandan (a ritual in which local musical instrument are played)was held in Chaundana village, all 9 girls started dancing like goddesses. Asha Raut had realized that these are not ordinary girls rather is the form of the goddess. During the religious rituals in the village, they all started going towards the Khait Parvat. His mother wanted to stop them but they did not stop.

When the little girls saw their village from the Khait Parvat, they saw darkness there. And when they looked at the Khait Parvat from their village they saw colorful flowers. After reaching the Khait Parvat, they reached the Pidi Parvat where Lord Krishna took them.

These nine girls are worshiped in Khait and Pidi Parvat. These nine girls are Asha Rauteli, Basha Rauteli, Ingla Rauteli, Gadharva Rauteli, Sateyi Rauteli, Bardeyi Rauteli, Kamla Rauteli, Deva Rauteli and Bigula Rauteli.

The story of Jitu Bagadwal related to Kahit Parvat

There is also a story behind this mountain. There was a boy named Jeetu Baghadwal who used to go to this mountain to feed his animal. He used to play a very good flute. When his animals were grazing, he used to sit in a place and play the flute. It is said that one day the fairies who lived on this mountain heard the flute tunes of Jeetu Bagadwal. After listening to Jitu’s flute’s tunes, the fairies became so fascinated that they took him with them, and till date, Jitu is mentioned only in stories. There is also a Garhwali song sung by Gajendra Rana on the basis of this story.

Khait Parvat Mystery

  • US scientists have also been interested in the secrets of this mountain. They did research in Khait Parvat and they are surprised to know about the mysteries surrounding this mountain.
  • Nine goddesses reside in Nine ranges of Khait Parvat and all these goddesses are sisters. In the local language, these goddesses are known as Achri or Bharadi.
  • Any crop or fruit that grows around Khait Parvat can be used only in that place. If these crops or fruit are carried to somewhere else then the crop gets spoiled.
  • It is believed that if the fairies get attracted towards someone, then they take him with them.
  • At night, one can hear the bangles and anklets sound coming from this mountain.

How to Reach Khait Parvat

By Air: The visitors cannot reach directly to Khait Parvat by air. The nearest airport from Khait Parvat is Jollygrant airport Dehradun which is located 160 km away. Daily flights are available from New Delhi and Mumbai to Jolly Grant airport. From airport taxi stand, the visitors can hire a cab to reach Khait Parvat.

By Train: There is no railway track in Tehri Garhwal. The nearest railway station is in Rishikesh which is 100 km away. Rishikesh railway station is well connected with major cities like New Delhi, Lucknow, Amritsar, Ghaziabad etc. After reach Rishikesh the visitors can hire a cab from Rishikesh to Khait Parvat.

By Road: From Dehradun and Rishikesh the visitors can hire a cab to reach Khait Parvat. If you want to travel by bus then buses are available from Rishikesh bus station and ISBT bus station Dehradun. Now the visitors have to travel toward Pipaldali which is 41 km away from New Tehri. Taxi is available from New Tehri to reach Pipaldali.

From Pipaldali then visitors now have to cover 30 km distance to reach Chaundana village from where the Khait Parvat trek starts which is 5 km long.

Delhi to Khait Parvat

Khait Parvat is 354 km away from New Delhi. Buses available from ISBT Kashmiri gate to New Tehri. After reaching New Tehri, the visitors can hire a cab to reach Chaundana Village or they can travel by bus or local taxi.

New Delhi – Haridwar – Rishikesh – Chamba – New Tehri – That Village – Khait Parvat