Dhikala Zone Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand

There are 5 zones in Jim Corbett and Dhikala Zone is the most popular zone of Jim Corbett National Park located in the Uttarakhand state of India. This area is the largest area of the Jim Corbett so most animals can be easily seen here. This zone also provides a beautiful landscape of the surrounding. Dhikala is considered as the best entry gate for Jim Corbett Park.

Dhikala Eco tourism zone consists of dense Sal forest, Grazing grassland which is known as Chaur in the local language, and several streams of Ramganga which is the lifeline of Jim Corbett Park. The Dhikala Zone is apparently the best zone to see a very rare Hog Deer, Tiger, and Asian Elephant. This zone is also best for bird watching.

Dhikala Zone Gate

The entry gate of Dhikala Zone is Dhangiri which is 19 km away from Ramnagar. The tourist can reach the Dhangiri gate by local bus or Taxi. The visitors can also reach Dhangiri Gate by their own vehicle. Personal vehicles such as SUVs are not allowed for Safari in Dhikala Zone without permission. The entry timings of Dhangiri gate of Dhikala zone is 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Staying in Dhikala Zone

There is a better-staying facility in Dhikala zone. The tourist rest houses are situated 30 km inside from the Dhangiri Gate of Dhikala Zone. The Dhikala tourism site is located near the Ramganga Reservoir, so tourists can also enjoy seeing the reptiles like Crocodile and Aligator from here.

There are various types of accommodation available in Dhikla, which are also comfortable with basic amenities. There are Hut, cabins, hamlet etc types of Forest Rest House available in Dhikala. A small canteen and a restaurant there serve good and quality food to the visitors.

Dhikala Zone Safari Jim Corbett

Canter Safari

Canter is a 16 seater bus without the roof. The visitors can only able to do bus safari if they have dome the online booking. The canter goes from Dhangiri Gate to Dhikala Zone and then come back to the Dhangiri gate.

Jeep Safari

Visitors can do jeep safari in other zones of Jim Corbett Park. But in the Dhikala Zone, only those visitors can able to do jeep safari who are staying in Dhikala Forest Rest House for the night stay. They have to take a jeep and a guide from Dhangiri entrance, and then they can visit the park till the scheduled time.

Elephant Safari

Dhikala Ecotourism Zone also offers elephant safari.  But elephant safari can be enjoyed only by tourists living in the guest house. Elephant Safari is more exciting than Jeep and bus safari because tourists can see the animals from very close to them. There is no online booking for elephant safari. The visitor has to pay instant cash for safari. A limited number of elephants are available for safari, so to enjoy elephant safari in the Dhikala zone, you have to reach here first. Elephant safari is closed on Monday so plan your trip accordingly.

Dhikala Watchtower

This watchtower is located 10 min walk from the FRH which offers beautiful scenery of the surrounding. This tower is built in a very beautiful location, from where the tourists can enjoy wildlife and nature.

The watchtower here which offers beautiful landscape view of the park. The tower is located in the best location from the visitors can see the wildlife, Nature, and Birds. There is grassland (Chaur) around the tower for which the animals come here for grazing and the visitors can shoot them with their camera.