Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve History And Travel Information

Jim Corbett tiger reserve information

Jim Corbett tiger reserve is located in the Uttarakhand state of India. The extension of this park is in three districts of Uttarakhand i.e Nainital, Almora, and Pauri. This park is named after the famous British hunter, naturalist, and photographer Jim Corbett. India is famous for the population of wild tigers, and Corbett tiger reserve is home to about 160 tigers.

Earlier this park was known as Ramganga National Park, but in the year 1957, it was named Jim Corbett Park. Corbett National Park is the oldest national park of India which is established for the protection of endangered Royal Bengal Tiger. This expansion of this park is in over 520 sq km area.

History of Jim Corbett tiger reserve

Today, where Corbett tiger reserve is located, at one time he used to be the private property of the kings of Tehri Garhwal. This rugged wilderness was discovered by the British in 1820. At that time, the forest used to be inhabited by dreaded wild animals. The British official did plantation of Sal trees in this forest and named this forest “The Hailey National park”. The British used to cut woods from this forest and used them in the construction of trains and other works.

For the first time, Major Ramsay planned to conserve this forest. In 1879, the forest department took this forest into its possession and declared it a protected area. In 1934, General Malcolm Haley of the United Provinces declared this protected area as a biological garden. And in 1936, this garden was known as “Haley National Park” after Malcolm Haley’s name. After independence, this park became known as Ramganga National Park and since 1954 it has become known as Jim Corbett National Park. The Tiger project was started in 1973 and in 1993, Corbett tiger reserve was included in this scheme.

Who was Jim Corbett?

Jim Corbett was a famous British hunter, naturalist, and photographer. He was born in Kaladhungi of Nainital district of Uttarakhand. The residence of Jim Corbett, located in Kaladungi, has now been transformed into a magnificent meuseum. Local people called him “Gora Sadu”.

Things to do in Jim Corbett Park

Safari: This park is very famous for wildlife safari around India. There are 5 zones in this where the visitors can do Jeep safari, Elephant safari, and Canter safari.

Birdwatching: Jim Corbett Park is home to over 500+ birds species. This place is a perfect destination for the bird watcher.

Camping: Maybe Jim Corbett Park is Indias only park which allows camping in the forest zone. The camping/ staying in the jungle is very exciting feeling for everyone.

Yoga: Jim Corbett Park is located in a peaceful environment. After all day safari, the visitors can do yoga/meditation in the evening.

Jim Corbett National Park Tourism

Best time to visit Jim Corbett Park

The visitors can visit Jim Corbett park throughout the year. Every season in Corbett tiger reserve has different advantages. During monsoon, the area looks clear which provide the beautiful view of the park. During winter the visitors can see the migrated birds here and in summers there are more possibilities of tiger sighting in the park. Read More

Best zone for tiger sighting in Jim Corbett Park

Dhikala and Bijrani are the best zones to spot the tiger in Jim Corbett tiger reserve. Ramganga river flows on the left side of Dhikala Zone road. Tigers often come to drink water in the river, thereby increasing the possibilities to spot the tiger here. Read More

Jim Corbett tiger reserve location

This park is located in Ramnagar town of Nainital district of Uttarakhand. There are 5 zones in this park and each zone is located some distance from Ramnagar. Read More

Jim Corbett National Park Zones

Jim Corbett Park Zones i.e Dhikala, Bijrani, Sonanadi, Durga Devi, Dhela. Dhikala Zone is the most popular zone in Jim Corbett Park for safari and tiger sighting. Each zone is famous for its aspects. Some provide beautiful panoramic views of the jungle and some provide the views of the different type of Flora and Fauna. Read More

Best Hill stations near Jim Corbett Tiger reserve

Jim Corbett Park is located in Nainital district, so the first nearest hill station from this park is Nainital.  The visitors spend 2-3 days in Jim Corbett tiger reserve, it is a good idea to visit all the nearest hill station to the park this will make your journey more memorable and wonderful. Read More

Places to visit near Jim Corbett tiger reserve

Along with zones in Jim Corbett park, there are also many places to see i.e Corbett Waterfall, Corbett Museum, Ramganga Dam etc Read More

How to reach Jim Corbett tiger reserve

To reach Jim Corbett tiger reserve, the visitor must first reach Ramnagar. Ramnagar is 256 km from Delhi, which can be covered in 6-7 hours. A direct bus is available from ISBT Kashmiri gate to Ramnagar or Nainital. After reaching Ramnagar the visitors can take the pass from the gate of the zones and enjoy the safari. Read More

Animals/Fauna in Jim Corbett tiger reserve

Jim Corbett tiger reserve is home to many birds, animals, and reptiles. More than 500+ species of birds are found in this park. The Royal Bengal Tiger and Asian Elephants are the main attractions of this park. The deer is a common thing sight in this park. Read More

Jim Corbett National Park entry fees

There are different charges for each safari in this park. The charges for Indian and Foreigner are different here. If the visitor wants to stay more than 2-3 days here then, in this case, they have to pay extra money per day. Read More

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