Bhulekh Uttarakhand (Khata Khatauni) – How To Check Your Land Record

It is very important to know the land record details (Bhulekh) of your land or land you are going to buy. Many fraud cases, like selling pieces of the same land to 2 different customers, are becoming common in entire Uttarakhand state.

In this article, you will get to know about Bhulekh Uttarakhand Or Dev Bhoomi Land Record, Uttarakhand Khata Khatauni/Khasra Khatauni, land registry record. Also, you will get to know about buying land and property in Uttarakhand.

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What Is Bhulekh Uttarakhand?

Bhulekh literally means Bhu+Lekh. In which ‘Bhu’ means ‘land/earth’ and ‘Lekh’ means an ‘article’, in this way, the meaning of Bhulekh is land-related details/documents/map. Bhulekh is an online Web Portal of Uttarakhand state (every state have different Bhulekh web portal) through which you can know all the details related to your land/plots in Uttarakhand.

What Is Khata, Khatauni, and Khasra?

Many people are confused with these words. Let us know that all these words are different and they contain different types of information. Let’s know about them one by one.

Khata Number: The Khata number contains information about the land owner.

Khatauni Number: The Khatauni number tells the cultivators details that how much land they are using for cultivation.

Khasra Number: With each land record (Jamabandi) you get a Khasra number mentioned. This number is your plot number which is given to every single piece of land.

It Is Now Easier To Check Uttarakhand Land Record

In previous years, if someone wants to know about his/her land, then he/she had to go to tehsil several times. To make things easier for the citizens of Uttarakhand, the state government has launched a web portal called “Bhulekh Uttarakhand”, through which everybody can check their land registry, land record, Khata Khatauni online.

You can get all land related details, Khata Khatauni, Khsra Khatauni related information through this Uttarakhand Bhulekh web portal.

When you buy new land in Uttarakhand, through the Uttarakhand Bhulekh web portal you can see the record of that land first. If you have any land in Uttarakhand, then you can also see the record of that land through Bhulekh web portal.

Now no citizen will have to go to any Patwari or any office. Any citizen can get his land records/Khata Khatauni data at home. The biggest benefit of this Bhulekh portal of Uttarakhand (Uttarakhand Land Record Web Portal) is that this will save a lot of time.

How To Check Land Record On Bhulekh Uttarakhand Online Portal?

If you want to see your Land Records sitting at home online then follow some of the easiest steps mentioned below.

Step 1 – First, you have to go to the official website of Bhulekh Uttarakhand – You can also reach the website by searching the “Bhulekh Uttarakhand” Or “Devbhoomi” on google.

Below is the homepage of Bhulekh Uttarakhand web portal.

Uttarakhand Bhulekh Website

Step 2 – After reaching this page, choose the name of your district from the left sidebar dropdown menu. Then select your tehsil and then click on the OK button.

After this, we can see a page like this

2nd Page Of Bhulekh Uttarakhand Portal

Step 3 – First select the name of the district, then select your tehsil and then select your village as shown in the picture above. After filling all the details, you will be directed to the next page, in which you will see something like in the image below.

3rd Step Of Bhulekh Uttarakhand Portal

Step 4- There are 5 options by which you can know your land record or Khata Khatauni. Khasra Number, Account number, Mutation date (Dakhila Kharij), seller, buyer, and Name of the owner. If you have any of these details then you can easily know yoga land registry details.

There are 5 options i.e Khasra number, account number, date of mutation (Dakhila Kharij), vendor, buyer and owner’s name on the top of this page through which you can know about your land records or Khata Khatauni. If you have any of these details, you can easily learn about your land registry details. Select one of the options and fill the details.

Land Record Details Of Uttarakhand Bhulekh

As you can see that I have a Khasra number and I fill the number in the blank field. As shown in the picture below, I have got complete information about land records of a person in Uttarakhand. So in this way, you can get information about someone else’s land records inside or in Uttarakhand.
Note: Use the given keyboard in the page to fill the details.

Hope this guide and information about Bhulekh Uttarakhand will be helpful for you.

If Bhulekh Uttarakhand Website Does Not Show Records Of Your Land?

If the web portal does not show your land records then there is no need to worry about it. Uttarakhand administration is constantly updating the bhulekh website. Your record in the portal has not been updated yet, that is why your Khata Khatauni number is not visible on the website. In such a situation, you can go to Patwari or Tehsil to know the details of your land.

Buying Land In Uttarakhand

In Uttarakhand there are three types of land, agriculture, non-agriculture, and residential land. You can buy non-agricultural and residential type of land in Uttarakhand. But in Uttarakhand there are some rules and regulation for buying agricultural land.

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