Vasudhara Falls Near Mana Village Badrinath, Uttarakhand

Vasudhara Falls is located near Badrinath Temple in the Uttarakhand state of India. The altitude of this waterfall is 400 meters. This waterfall is the highest and India’s last waterfall located in India-Tibet border. This waterfall is so high that waterfall like pearls below. The cliff from which the Vasudhara Fall drop is known ass titanic Mountain. While trekking towards the waterfall the visitors can also see the grand view of Chaukambha, Alkapuri, Nilkanth etc

Vasudhara Falls Trek

Badrinath to Vasudhara Falls Trek Distance is 10 km and from Mana to Vasudhara falls the trek distance is 7 km. Try to start your trek to Vasudhara Falls early in the morning so that by the end of the day you reach back to the Badrinath. From Badrinath to Mana Village (3 km) the visitors can reach by taxi. But if you are young then cover this distance by foot.

From Mana Village the trek to Vasudhara Falls starts, A bridge is situated 500 meters away from Mana village, which is known as Bhim Pul. And next to this bridge, there is a small tea stall known as India’s last shop. This means that there is no other shop ahead. So take enough water and snacks before going to Vasudhara Fall.

The path of Vasudhara Fall is not simple, on the way there are large and sharp edges of the stone. So try to wear good quality trekking shoes or thick soles shoes. Due to the rocky surface, this is a slow journey and Vasudhara takes 3-4 hours (if you are a newbie) to reach the fall. The route of Vasudhara Falls is very beautiful, it offers views of the snow-covered mountains and a very beautiful view of the waterfalls from far.

Once you reach the waterfall, drink water from the waterfall and then drink Bisleri water, you will fell that water from the falls is tasty and sweet compared to Bisleri water. That is what we call nature.

Vasudhara Falls Story/Myth

It is said that the water of this spring does not fall on those who are sinners. Although it is a myth because this thing neither mentioned in Vedas nor in Puran. But if you believe this, then you can try standing right under the waterfall.

Best time to visit Vasudhara Falls

Visitors can visit Vasudhara Falls during the Char Dham Yatra Session only. When the entrance to Badrinath Temple opens, visitors can visit Vasundhara Falls. During the winter season, this entire area is covered with heavy snow. And there is the possibility of landslides in the area during monsoon. Therefore, the best time to visit Vasudhara Falls is in the month of June-July. During Monsoon there are chances of the landslide in the area.

How to reach Vasudhara waterfall

The nearest railway station from Vasudhara Fall is Rishikesh railway station (294 km) and the nearest airport is Jolly Grant airport (310 km). Badrinath is located at a distance of 525 km from New Delhi and from Badrinath Vasudhara Falls is located at a distance of approx 11 km.