Valley of Flowers Trek Itinerary and Guide 2018

Valley of Flowers is located in the Uttarakhand State of India at an elevation of 3351 m to 3658 m above sea level. This place is very famous for the colorful flowers species found here. The Valley of Flowers is also the home of many endangered Himalayan animals like Snow Leopard, Browen Bear, Musk Deer etc. The length of Valley of Flowers Trek is 17 km from Govindghat. From Govindghat to Ghangaria the trek distance is 15 km.

Valley of Flowers Trek Route

The trek route of Valley of Flowers starts from Govindghat. Due to landslides and traffic, it takes 24 hours to reach Govindghat from Delhi. The passenger has to cross the bridge from Govindghat. The traveler can cover a 3 km distance from Govindghat to Pulna Village by taxi. Ghangaria trek starts from Pulna village. From Pulna to Ghangaria the trek distance is 10 km. One route from Ghangaria goes to Hemkund Sahib and the other way is to the Valley of flowers.

Valley of Flowers Itinerary

This itinerary guide is for those who are traveling by their own vehicle. We tried to make this guide as short as possible so that the visitors can enjoy the absolute beauty of nature in their few days vacations.

Day 1 – Reaching Haridwar

On day first, you have to reach Haridwar from your destination and stay there for one night. This journey may take your whole day or 2-days if you are traveling from the states like Rajasthan, Maharastra, South India, North East Part of India. If you are traveling from Delhi it takes 6-7 hours to reach Haridwar or Rishikesh.

When you plan your trip, make sure to book the hotel in advance, as it is very difficult to find hotels during the Char Dham Yatra. Then advance hotel booking will make your trip more convenient. Take enough cash with you because there is no ATM up there and fuel your vehicle.

Day 2 Haridwar to Govindghat

The second day you have to travel from Haridwar to Govindghat. Leave from Haridwar as early as possible and take a halt for lunch in Rudraprayag. Some suggest second-day journey from Haridwar to Joshimath and then ask to stay for one night in Joshimath. But Haridwar to Govindghat is a better option as next day you can directly start your trek to Valley of Flowers without wasting your precious time.

While traveling from Haridwar to Govindghat there are many beautiful places like Marine Drive, Devprayag, Srinagar where you can stop for a while and capture some memories in your camera. The distance between Haridwar to Govindghat is 295 km, which is 9-10 hours journey. After reaching Govindghat you have to stay there for one night and next morning you will have to start your trek to Valley of Flowers.

Day 3 Govindghat to Ghangaria

On the third day, as soon as possible, leave for Ghangaria. The distance from Pulna village to Ghangaria is 1o km which take 5-6 hour and if you have heavy backpack then it may take 7-8 hour for the beginners. This 1o km distance offers the very beautiful view of Himalaya and waterfalls here. You can also take ponies from Ghangaria to reach the valley. You have to stay for a night at Ghangaria and next day you have to go Valley of Flowers.

If you are thinking to go Valley of Flowers same day then that is not a good idea. It takes 3-4 hour or more to explore the whole valley and you cannot explore the whole valley same day. Also, the visitors are not allowed to stay in Valley of flowers so you have to come back Ghangaria for night stay.

Day 4 Ghangaria To Valley of Flowers

The sooner you reach the top, the more you will be able to explore the valley. The trek distance from Ghangaria to Valley of Flowers is 6 km which take 4-5 hours. There is no shop in the valley so before starting your trek from Ghangaria keep water and snacks with you.

Note: It is a humble request, do not throw garbage and other waste here and there, keep it in your bag and use dustbin. Cooperate in keeping the nature clean.

The area of the valley is broad even one day is not enough to explore the whole valley. So leave as early as possible for valley so that you can explore the maximum part of the valley. Before its dark, you have to come back Ghangaria same day.

Day 5 Ghangaria to Govindghat to Rishikesh

The total distance from Ghangaria to Haridwar is 300 km which is possible to cover in one day. If you have more days then you can stay one more day in Ghangaria and visit Sikh holy place Hemkund Sahib which is 6 km up from Ghangaria. If you have more days you can also visit Badrinath Temple which is only 25 km from Govindghat.

Valley of Flowers trek difficulty

The trek difficulty of the valley of Flowers is moderate. For pro trekker this trek is easy and for the beginners, we can say it moderate-hard.

There are several factors on which we measure the Valley of Flowers trek difficulty.

  1. Backpack Weight – If you are carrying a backpack of 10-20 kg weight then it can slow down your speed by which you take more time to cover the trek. So carry only the necessary things with you.
  2. High Altitude – As the pressure is high at higher altitude so this can also slow down your speed.
  3. Habit – If you do not do trekking but you are a sportsman or an athlete then this would be not a difficult trek for you.

Best time to do Valley of Flowers Trek

The best time to do Valley of Flowers trek is in the monsoon season. During the monsoon season, all the flowers completely blossom here and the temperature here is also pleasant in monsoon. So August is considered to be the best time to do Valley of flowers trek.

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