Robbers Cave Dehradun (Guchhupani) Ticket price, History, Timing

Robbers cave Dehradun is located in Anarwala village in the Uttarakhand state of India, about 8 km from Clocktower, Dehradun. This is one of the famous places in Dehradun region. The Robbers cave is also known as Guchhupani. This place is decent for family, couples, and all age group peoples. Many tourists visit this place to get rid of heat during the summer.

The height of the waterfall located inside the cave is 10 meters. The length of this cave is 600 meter approx, which is separated into two main parts. Because of the water to the knees, you can also take your children’s with you. It is not allowed to carry shoes and bags in the cave so keep your things in the locker or in your car.

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In the central part of the cave, there is a fort wall structure which is now broken due to the force of water. It is a natural cave where the river flows inside the cave.

Robbers Cave Dehradun History

The history of Robbers cave is not too vast. It is believed that during the colonial period the robbers used to use this cave to hide from the British. Hence this place got the name robbers Cave. Local people call it by Guchhupani.

Robbers Cave Dehradun Ticket price and Entry Fees

Charge for

Charges (in INR)


Cave Entry






Slippers are important here you can not go there with barefoot. Under the water, there can be glass or fangs that can cause problems for you.

Best Time to visit Robbers Cave Dehradun

It is a very popular picnic spot in Dehradun region. During summer, many visitors come to this place. This place is also very popular among locals, they come here every Sunday with their friends and family.

During the winter the water is very cold here so you need to be solid enough to tolerate cold water. During monsoon the water here become muddy and the level of water get also increased. So monsoon is not a good season to visit Robbers Cave Dehradun. However, visitors can come here in the monsoon to see the beautiful scenes seen from this place.

Now the best time to visit Robbers Cave Dehradun is summers. During the summer the weather here is very pleasant.

Visiting Timings

It is not a good idea to go here in the evening because there is zero light inside the cave, so there is no use to go inside the cave after sunset. The best timing to go there is from morning 09:00 am to evening 04:00 pm.

How to reach Robbers Cave Dehradun

This cave is surrounded by beautiful mountains, which shows natural beauty to this place. To reach Guchhupani, one has to trek approx one kilometer from the main road. If you have your own vehicle then you can go directly to the parking site.

Robbers cave is situated at a distance of 8.5 km from Clock Tower Dehradun. Dehradun Railway Station is 9.4 km far from this place. The nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport, which is 38 km far from this place. From railway station or airport, the visitors have to book a cab to reach Robbers Cave.

If visitors want to go there by bus, they will have to come to the Parade Ground where they can take the bus of Guchhupani. But booking cab is a better option as you may have to wait long for the bus when returning from Guchhupani.

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