Rajpur Road Dehradun A Coolest Chill Out Place in Dehradun

Rajpur Road Dehradun is a dream location for every Dehradun dweller. This place is one of the best locations in Dehradun which gain approx 1500 feet altitude from Clocktower to Shiv Mandir. Rajpur road is not a specific place, it starts with the clock tower. There is a huge difference between Rajpur ROad weather and other parts of Dehradun City weather.

The best part of Rajpur road starts from Pacific Mall Dehradun. From there, this place completely changes in terms of the environment, weather, peace, and everything. From Clocktower to Pacific Mall the road is crowded, one can enjoy the beauty of this road after Pacific Mall. There are many big hotels, restaurants, Shops, Showroom located in Rajpur Road Dehradun.

Things to do in Rajpur Road Dehradun

Yoga and Meditation: Trees on both sides of the road, which help in cleaning the atmosphere of this place. Cleanliness can also be seen on this road which makes it best for yoga and meditation.

Jogging: Initially, there was just road there but now there is a wide space on both side of the road. There is also a proper arrangement for sitting on both sides of the road. Due to having wide space on both sides, the local can now do jogging here.

Shopping: There are many local shops and big showrooms situated in Rajpur Road where the visitors can do shopping.

How to reach Rajpur Road Dehradun

Rajpur road is 6 km away from Clocktower Dehradun. From Railway station it is 8 km away and from airport, it is 28 km away. If you are on your own vehicle then head towards Mussoorie. The visitors can hire a cab to visit Rajur Road. Buses and Vikram (the blue three-wheeler) for Rajpur road are available from Parade Ground and Clocktower.

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