Laxman Sidh Temple Dehradun Travel Information And Story

Laxman Sidh Temple is situated near the place called Harrawala, just 12 km from Clocktower, Dehradun district of Uttarakhand. It is counted among the most popular temples around Dehradun city. This temple is situated on the way to Haridwar-Rishikesh highway. This temple is surrounded by dense trees all around. The temple is about 1 km away from the main road. Along with being the center of people’s faith, this place is also developing as a tourist destination in Dehradun.

As you enter the path of the temple the mind experiences a different peace. Laxman Sidh Mandir is situated in a very quiet and picturesque environment which gives pleasure to both body and the mind. While going to the temple it does not seem that this place will be located in the city. Be careful of the monkeys here.

Jaggery is offered in this temple as prasad because jaggery was used in the form of sugars or sweets in ancient times. A well is located 400 meters away in this temple. It is said that in ancient times milk came out from this well. This well is not deep and it never dries up. It is also said that the medicinal properties are found in the water of this well. A temple of Lord Shiva is also located near this temple in which Shivling has been established.

The story of Laxman Sidh Temple

It is said about this temple that after the slaying of Ravana by the sons of Lord Dashratha Lord Ram and Laxman. Then, to get rid of the sin of Brahma Hatya, Lakshman Ji had done penance at this place. That is how this place is named after Lakshman Ji.

Laxman Sidh Temple Fair

A huge Bhandara is organized every year on the last Sunday of April in Laxman Sidh Temple which is organized by the Temple Committee. In this Bhandara, a large number of people come from the surrounding area. And every Sunday, Bhandara is organized in this temple by the devotees. There is also a gathering of devotees here on the holy day of Shivratri.

How to reach Laxman Sidh Temple

The nearest railway station from Laxman Sidh Mandir is Harrawala Railway Staton which is 2 km away. Dehradun Railway Station is 10 km far from the temple and the nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport which is only 16 km far from here. After reaching the airport or Dehradun railway station the traveler can hire a taxi from the station to temple. From Harrawala Railway station the passenger can also reach the temple by foot.

Laxman Sidh Temple is located on Haridwar-Rishikesh Highway, 12 km away from Dehradun near Harrawala. The devotees can easily this temple by city bus, taxi, auto (Vikram). After which there is a 1 km trek from the main highway road. The vehicle goes to the temple premises as well.

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