Kamleshwar Mahadev Mandir Srinagar Garhwal, Uttarakhand

Kamleshwar Mahadev Mandir Srinagar

There are various forms of Shiva from north to south in India. One such form of Shiva is found in Kamleshwar Mahadev Mandir Srinagar Garhwal, Uttarakhand. Srinagar Garhwal is a popular education hub of Pauri Garhwal District which is 30 km far from Pauri.

Hundreds of stories of penance are heard in religious texts. But have you ever thought that even in Kalyug, people do hard penance and prefer their adoration? One such day comes in Kamleshwar Mahadev Mandir Srinagar when the nostalgia couples spend the night under hard austerity.

Kamleshwar Mahadev Mandir is one of the oldest pagodas in Uttarakhand. The idols of Ganesha and Shankaracharya are established in the temple premises. In another room, built in the temple, metal statues of Ganga, Saraswati and Annapurna are established. In the temple Mahadev’s brass face Mukta is also established.

History and Mythology of Kamleshwar Mahadev Mandir Srinagar

It is said that the Kamleshwar Mahadev Mandir was originally established by Adi Guru Sankaracharya. In Tretayuga of Kedarkhand of Skandpuran, when Lord Sri Rama was stained with the sin of murdering Ravana he obeyed Guru Vashisht and came to Devbhoomi to worship Lord Shiva. At this place, Lord Rama worshiped Lord Shiva from Sahastra Kamlas and since then this place has been named Kamleshwar Mahadev Mandir.

Baikunth Chaturdashi Mela Srinagar Garhwal

Baikunth Chaturdashi is 14 days after Deepawali and the day before Kartik Purnima.

On this day, women desiring to get children are standing whole night with a lamp in their hand and praises Bholenath (Lord Shiva). Standing whole night is not less than any penance but for the children, the infant couple does this. In the morning, the lamp is flown into the Alaknanda river and after this, Shiva is worshiped.

Every year more than 250+ childless couple come here from the different part of the country. They worshiped Lord Shiva in the Temple according to the method to attain children.

How to reach Kamleshwar Mahadev Mandir Srinagar

One can reach Srinagar by road only. 

The nearest airport from Srinagar is Jollygrant airport which is 125 km far from Srinagar. Taxies are available outside the airport so you can reach Dehradun taxi stand easily which is located at Rispana Bridge near Vidhansabha. Direct taxi is available from taxi stand to Srinagar. 

The nearest railway station from Srinagar is Rishikesh which is 106 far from Srinagar. From Rishikesh, bus stand Buses are easily available to Srinagar. Dehradun railway station is 148 km far from Srinagar.

When you reach Srinagar, let the driver know that you have to go Kamleshwar Temple so that he can stop the taxi near the temple and drop you there. The temple is located near “Chungi“.

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