Dol Ashram Almora (Kalyanika Himalaya Dev Sthanam) Uttarakhand

Kalyanika Himalaya Devasthanam also known as Dol Ashram is located in Almora district of Uttarakhand state in India. This ashram is spread over 8 acres area which is situated in the middle of a dense forest on the path of Almora. Dol Ashram Almora is situated in a very peaceful environment.

The main aim of this ashram is that people could get a center of meditation, where they could awaken their conscience. That is why tourists from abroad come to this ashram for mental and spiritual peace. A 126-meter high temple has also been constructed in the Dol Ashram Almora. The world’s largest Shri Yantra (a form of a mystical design) is established in Dol Ashram Almora. The weight of this Shri Yantra is 1.5 tonnes, which was established in April 2018.

History of Dol Ashram Almora

This ashram was established by Kalyan Das Ji during his Mansarovar Journey. During the journey, Babaji met Maa Bhagwati and got motivated to start the ashram in the Himalayas. In 1990’s Kalyan Das Ji established the Kalyanika Himalaya Dev Sthanam ashram between a thick forest near Almora.

Activities in Dol Ashram Almora

Spiritual Knowledge: The aim of this ashram is to provide spiritual knowledge. There is also a school in this ashram wherein children are given spiritual and modern knowledge.

Yoga and Meditation: There is a big hall in this ashram where 300 peoples can do meditation at a time. This ashram is located in a very clean and quiet environment which is best for meditation. 

Birdwatching: This place is good for the bird watcher. One can see many Himalayan species in this Dol Ashram Almora.

Photography: The inner and outer infrastructure of this ashram is very outstanding which make it best for photography. 

How to reach Dol Ashram Almora

This ashram is located 40 km away from district headquarter Almora. The nearest railway station from Dol Ashram is Kathgodam (76 km). From Kathgodam the visitors can hire a taxi. The nearest airport from Dol Ashram Almora is Pantnagar (110 km). Visitors from Pantnagar will have to reach Haldwani from where they can take the Almora bus. Haldwani to Dol Ashram Distance is 83 km.

The visitors can also hire a cab to reach Dol Ashram from Railway Station or Airport. If the travelers want to travel by bus then fir they have to arrive Kathgodam or Haldwani. From these places bus for Almora is available. This bus goes from dol ashram and the visitor can also travel by this bus. If the visitors are traveling from Delhi, Dehradun, Mumbai etc they first have to arrive at Kathgodam Railway station or Pantnagar airport.