Dhari Devi Mandir Srinagar Garhwal, Uttarakhand

Dhari Devi Temple Uttarakhand

Dhari Devi Temple is situated in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand, located at a place named Kaliyasur (in the name of Kali), 15 km away from Srinagar Garhwal. Maa Dhari Devi temple is situated on an isle situated in the Alaknanda river. According to scholars, this temple is 3000 years old. It is believed that Dhari Devi likes to sit in the open space. That’s why there is no roof above the temple. Dhari Devi is the form of Kali Mata. The upper part of the Kali Mata is established in Dhari Devi and the lower part is located in Kalimath.

The place where Goddess reigns today is temporary. The main temple is being built on the other side of the temple. When the construction of the main temple is completed, the Goddess will be installed in the main temple with the entire legislation.

Dhari Devi Temple Mystery

  • As we know, all the Goddesses dwell in the mountains. But Dhari Devi established his place on the banks of the Alaknanda River so that he could get Ganga Jal for the Abhishek at all times.
  • Everyday 3 forms of Kali Mata in this temple are incarnated. In the morning, Dhari Devi appears as a girl, at daytime she appears as women, and in the evening she appears as an old lady.

Dhari Devi Temple Stroy

Dhari Devi Temple is a Sidh Peeth. This temple is considered to be the protector of all the Char Dhams. Based on the belief of this temple there are 2 stories-

1st Story of Dhari Devi Temple

When Shankaracharya went out in the excursion, he worshiped at this place. By which it proves that this temple belongs to Dwaparyug era. At that time, the hills located here used to go to Badrinath.

2nd Story

It is believed that due to the flood in Kalimath, the upper part of Kali Mata was flowing into the flood and came to this place. Residents of Dhari village established the part of the head of the Kali Mata on this place. The Kali Mata gets noticed in the silent posture in this temple.

Dhari Devi Temple After Flood

When Uttarakhand was in Uttar Pradesh, at that time the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh was Mulayam Singh Yadav. At that time the government did a survey of this place to build a dam. Local residents also opposed the construction of the dam but the government did not stop the construction of the dam. On this, the company promised to the Protesters that if the level of water goes above the temple then they lift the temple upwards.

If you ever visit Dhari Devi temple, you have to take 3 turns. But in the previous time, when the dam was not constructed at this place, devotees had to take 3 times more turn than today. In simple words, in the previous time when there was no dam, then the passengers had to walk 600 meters away from the road to the temple. But after the temple has been lifted due to the dam, the passengers have to now walk only 200 meters.

Previously the temple of Dhari Devi was situated above a solid rock and it had to be lifted up along with the whole rock. But unfortunately, there was a disaster in Kedarnath in June 2013. Due to the disaster, the doors of the dam were closed. If not, Rishikesh and Haridwar might have been affected by the disaster. With the closure of the dam’s doors, the water level of the river started increasing.

As soon as the water level of the river increased, the officials of the dam said to the priests of Dhari Devi that the temple would have to be shifted otherwise it will be drowned in the river. In haste, the temple had to shift above without the solid rock below the temple. Today Dhari Devi has been shifted above an artificial rock.

Dhari Devi Mandir timing

The temple is open for 24 hours

In summer the temple opens at 4.30 am and close at 9 pm after the aarti.

During winters the temple open at 5 am and close at 7 pm after the aarti.

How to reach Dhari Devi Temple

How to reach Dhari Devi Mandir by Air

The devotees cannot reach directly to Dhari Devi temple by airway. The nearest airport from Dhari Devi Temple is Jollygrant airport which is 200 km away. After reaching the airport the traveler can hire a taxi from the airport to the temple or the traveler can take public transport from Rispana bridge Dehradun.

How to reach Dhar Devi Mandir by train

There is no railway line in Dhari Devi. The nearest railway station form Dhari Devi is Rishikesh railway station which is 100 km away. The travel can hire a taxi from Rishikesh railway station to Dhari Devi.

How to reach Dhari Devi by road

If the travelers are traveling from Delhi they can take Roadways bus from Delhi Kashmiri gate to Srinagar or Rudraprayag. If the travelers are traveling from Dehradun they can take the bus from ISBT Dehradun or the can take the taxi from Rispana Bridge.