Daat Kali Temple Dehradun On Saharanpur Road Uttarakhand

Daat Kali Temple Dehradun or Maa Kali Mandir Dehradun is one of the famous Hindu temples situated on Saharanpur highway, 14 km away from Dehradun, Uttarakhand. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali Mata, which is an incarnation of Goddess Sati, wife of Lord Shiva.

This temple is also known as the Siddha Peeth and requesting veneration here fulfills every wish. Every year, a huge Bhandara is organized here, in which a large number of devotees comes from the surrounding area. The tr

Note: It is strictly forbidden to take photographs inside the temple premises.

History of Daat Kali Temple Dehradun

This temple was established on 13th June 1804, when the construction of the Dehradun-Saharanpur highway was in progress. It is believed that the Maa Kali came in a dream of an engineer, who gave the statue of Maa Kali to Mahendra Shukbir Gusain to establish the temple and it is still present in the Doon valley.

The British had to make a tunnel near this temple to enter Doon Valley. But even after all the efforts, when the work of tunneling was not completed, the British had to pray for Daat Kali. Gorkha commander Balbhadra Thapa had established Bhadrakali temple right here. It is believed that since 1921, a blissful light is burning in this place which makes it more attractive and keeps faith in devotees.

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Whenever locals from Dehradun take a new vehicle, they bring their vehicles here for special pooja. Devotees provide oil, flour, and ghee to the Goddess during worship. There is a large hall in the temple where devotees relax for some time during the journey.

How to reach Daat Kali Temple Dehradun

Daat Kali Mandir is located on Saharanpur Road, 14 km away from Dehradun. One can easily reach this place by city bus or taxi or by his own vehicle. It is 13 km from Dehradun railway station and it is 36 km from Jolly Grant airport Dehradun. The visitors can take a cab from the railway station or airport to reach there.

There is no direct bus available from Dehradun to Daat Kali Temple. The traveler has to take a bus or Vikram for Clement Town, from Clement Town direct bus or Vikram are available to reach Daat Kali Temple.

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