Camp Advait in Dugadda Lansdowne | Camping near Lansdowne

Camp Advait

Camp Advait is a best weekend place in Uttarakhand especially for Delhi peoples located in Dugadda of Kotdwar. It works as a campsite for passengers traveling to Lansdowne. There is no camping site anywhere in Lansdowne, so if you want to enjoy the camping, then camp Advait is the only campsite in this area. This campsite is best for all age group people. Camp Advait staff also organize many activities for the adult as well as for children also. 

There is a very comfortable arrangement in this place and the people here is also very good and helpful. When you wake up in the morning, you first hear the sweet voice of the river water.

The advantage of this place is that the atmosphere is very peaceful and it connects the traveler to nature. There is a small river name Khoh near the campsite and on the other side of the river, there is a road. To reach the camp, passengers have to cross the river. A small bridge has been built by locals to cross the river. Crossing the river is also an exciting experience.

Activities in Camp Advait


For hiking, the passenger can walk a little further along the banks of the river. Travelers can also do hiking up to Juva Village. They can also enjoy the Garhwali food in the village.

Cliff Jump

The traveler can also experience cliff jump in the river.


During summer you can take a bath in the natural swimming pool. The river is not deep so it is ok to go for swimming in the river.

Raft Building 

The raft building is a game in which you have to make a boat with natural things like wood and then you have to do rafting in the river with that boat.


The staff also arrange bonfire at night time.

Camping in Camp Advait

This place is best for camping. If you have your tent, then you can make your tent in this place, for which you have to charge 500 rupees. There is alpine tent for travelers here, each tent includes 2 beds.

Services In Camp Advait

  • Wifi
  • Food
  • Mobile charging

Food in Camp Advait

Here you will find the best organic food. As you enter the camp, you will see the slabs in which the people of the staff grow vegetables.

Camp Advait Contact detail

Mob No- +919458318196, +919411136351

Email –

How to reach Camp Advait

How to reach Camp Advait by Air

The traveler cannot directly go Advait campsite by flight. The nearest airport from Camp Advait is Jollygrant airport which is 127 km away. When the traveler reaches the airport they can hire a taxi from the airport to Camp Advait. 

How to reach Camp Advait by Train

There no railway line near the campsite. The nearest railway station from here is Kotdwara railway station which is 16 km away. From the railway station, the traveler can hire a taxi to reach the campsite. Travelers can also travel by bus, they can reach campsite by bus going from Kotdwara to Lansdowne.

How to reach Camp Advait by Road

Advait is just 500 meters from the main road. If the traveler is traveling from Delhi they can reach by bus from Kashmiri gate to Kotdwara. If the traveler is traveling from Dehradun they can reach Kotdwara by taxi from Rispana pul. After reaching Kotdwar the traveler can either hire a taxi or can travel by bus. 

Camp Advait Travel tips

  • Do not travel at night – If you are delayed for some reason, then stay in Kotdwara. Do not travel at night because some area from Kotdwara to Dugadda comes under Corbett National Park. There are possibilities of elephants on the road at night.
  • Before traveling in the rainy season, ask the staff of Advait about the campsite condition. Because the flow of river water increases in the rainy season, which can cause problems for passengers.
  • Keep the area clean.
  • Drive safely.

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